Wolf eyes

Lycanthropic (Adjective)

Definition: Having lycanthropy; either:

  1. The delusion or myth of being a wolf, or
  2. The established medical condition of being biologically part-wolf.

Origin: Ancient Greek lykos meaning wolf, and anthropos meaning human.

Wolf Blood


Book 1 of the LYCANTHROPIC series

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When a wave of vicious attacks sweeps across London, there are reports of a Beast on the loose. There are fears of a Ripper stalking the streets.
But the truth is more terrifying than anyone wants to admit.
Werewolves are prowling the city. Hunting and killing.
Lycanthropy, a disease as old as humanity, now threatens to destroy civilization. With no cure, no vaccine, and millions of potential victims, it's spreading through the capital at exponential rates. And every werewolf bite has just two possible outcomes - death or infection.
Only a tiny number of people have the insight to realize what is happening. But what will a young police woman, a group of teenagers and a computer nerd have to sacrifice in order to survive the werewolf apocalypse?
WOLF BLOOD is the first in the LYCANTHROPIC apocalyptic werewolf series. If you enjoy the zombie apocalypse, dystopian or post-apocalyptic science fiction, horror, grimdark or dark fantasy, or multi-protagonist sagas, don't miss out on the next big trend in apocalyptic fiction.

Wolf Moon


Book 2 of the LYCANTHROPIC series

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They walk among us. Their numbers are growing. They want to kill us.
Werewolves run wild in London. Riots grip the city as vigilantes and protesters take to the streets.
The Prime Minister is determined to contain the disease before it spreads further. She fights back ruthlessly with all the tools of government at her disposal.
But Leanna's plans are only just beginning to unfold. The leader of the werewolves and her army of Wolf Brothers are already one step ahead of the authorities.
And for the ordinary people caught up in the conflict, daily life becomes a fight for survival.
WOLF MOON injects an original and exhilarating new twist into the werewolf genre. Don't miss out on the next big trend in apocalyptic fiction.

Wolf War


Book 3 of the LYCANTHROPIC series

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The war between humans and werewolves has begun.
The days of Homo sapiens are coming to an end. A new power is rising: Homo lupinus, the wolf man.
Leanna, the self-styled queen of the werewolves, marshals her forces ready for a great battle, gathering her soldiers into an iron fist.
The army strikes back, unleashing the devastating power of twenty-first century warfare.
But werewolves are not the only enemy. Wherever humans go, evil walks with them.
In the struggle for survival, strange alliances will be forged. The strong and the brave, the foolish and the wicked all will play their part before the battle for London is over.


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